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Good governance V2

Center for Good Governance Studies is an interdisciplinary research group within the Public Administration Department of the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communications Sciences (FSPAC) at Babes Bolyai University (UBB), Cluj Napoca, Romania.

The Center carries out research on good governance employing methods from public law and social sciences. It brings together experts with complementary background: law, public administration, sociology, political science.

Good governance is a preferred topic in modern research about the administration. Claimed by economists, political and administrative scientists alike, the term was intensively used by the international organizations like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for assessing the results of their policies in the ’80s, and then by The United Nations and the European Union in the ’90s and afterward (culminating with the White Paper and the Charter of fundamental rights in the EU). The most revered definition of “good governance” is the one coined by the World Bank, which includes rule of law to guarantee the security of citizens, good administration for equitable spending of public funds, accountability of those managing public affairs, and transparency.

The Center follows the dynamic of good governance principles in the context of different legal institutions, mainly public contracts (public procurement and public-private partnerships) and transparency/participation in public administration. Our research interests are linked also to the interplay between law and public management in modern public administration.

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