About us


The scientific mission of PARC (CCAP) is to increase awareness and understanding of phenomena related to the public sphere in Romania and abroad, and to strengthen the link between theory and practice. The defining research directions of the center:

  • the reform of public administration
  • strategic planning
  • free access to public information
  • the quality of educational programs in public administration
  • evaluation of public programs
  • public participation


Results of excellence in scientific achievement:

Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences (http://rtsa.ro/tras/index.php/tras/index) is the only ISI journal in Romania in the field of Public Administration, being one of the most relevant regionally, and among the most influential globally.

European funded projects (http://www.apubb.ro/cercetare/proiecte-cu-finantare-europeana/) in the last five years are in line with the mission of our center: increasing the connection between theory and practice, between academic knowledge and real needs of the public field in Romania and the adjustment of the educational offer to the needs of the public sector practice.